Antibiotics fluids transfusion at home

A home health nurse makes an initial home visit to teach the patient and/or family members to administer the IV antibiotic. You can now be at the comforts of your home even though you may need antibiotic fluids transfusion. Going to the hospital can be a task when someone is not well and cutting the travel down can offer a large share of relief. We understand!

The convenience it can offer to someone who need it. We have a team of qualified Injection Service at Home in Delhi. Our team of nurses are dedicated well qualified and experienced. We make it easy for the patient and the people around by providing excellent service. We offer IV Antibiotics at Home in Delhi, you don’t have to stay back at the hospital just for it. We offer services at cheaper price. Our nurses’ advice the patient on taking the drugs at correct time and help the patients to stick by the diet as prescribed. Above all our nurses make it easy for the patients who is already going through a though time.