Colostomy care nursing services

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Colostomy may be necessary if you are unable to use your colon or stomach normally due to a medical condition. In some cases, it will be a temporary intervention to allow your body to heal, while in others, it may be a permanent solution to a condition that cannot be reversed.

Whether temporary or permanent, a colostomy can be very distressing to the patient. Patients with colostomies require encouragement, understanding, and assistance in overcoming the negative emotions associated with a colostomy, and in learning independence and self-sufficiency in living with a colostomy.

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  • Make sure you're aware of your sensitivities and allergies
  • Make sure the skin around the stoma is clean by rinsing it with water.
  • Do not remove the pouching system more than once a day unless there is a problem with it
  • Maintain a pouching system that is regularly changed
  • Ensure that the pouch and skin barrier opening are the right size