Old and Senior citizens care at home

Looking for nursing support in your own home? Priyansh Healthcare help you appoint trained and qualified nurses for home nursing care at your doorsteps. Get medical care by the team of nurses and doctors for patients in their own homes. Get home nursing visits for critical care and procedures like oxygen administration, tracheostomy care, support on ventilator, urinary catheterization, NG feed, wound dressings, injections etc. The duties of a staff nurse include treating patients, performing basic care procedures, and providing emotional support to patients and their families. Staff nurses are able to make a difference in the lives of patients, which is a rewarding career choice.

PRIYANSH HEALTHCARE is providing Nursing Staff Services at home. Our Staff Are Well Trained.

  • During treatment, nurses provide physical and mental care to patients.
  • Medical records are kept by staff nurses to ensure the quality of patient care.
  • Staff nurses are responsible for administering prescribed medications to patients.
  • Nurses are responsible for performing diagnostic tests and checking patients' vital signs.
  • For patient care, nurses may use thermometers, blood pressure meters, stethoscopes, and glucometers.