Tracheostomy tube change at home

We provide the services & nursing staff Tracheostomy tube change at home. Put a few drops of tap water or a small amount of water-soluble lubricating jelly on the lower part of the tube. Hold your dirty tracheostomy tube in place as you cut the ties. Take a deep breath before taking out the dirty tracheostomy tube. Put the clean tracheostomy tube in gently with a back and down motion. Our team of well qualified and experienced nurses will take care to provide proper care and attention. These patients can develop complications our nurses will make sure that they are kept off from developing any infections or further other complications.

Undergoing a tracheostomy is mentally and physically exhausting. The patient who has undergone Tracheostomy will needs to be taken care very well and it requires a professional to do it. We provide Nurses for Tracheostomy Tube Change at Home in Delhi.