Gastrostomy care nursing services in Rohini Delhi

It seems like there might be a typo in your question. Did you mean "Gastrostomy care"? If so, a gastrostomy is a surgical procedure where a tube is inserted through the abdominal wall into the stomach. This tube allows direct access to the stomach for feeding, medication administration, or drainage.

1. Cleaning the Site:

Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the gastrostomy site. Clean the skin around the gastrostomy tube with mild soap and water, ensuring that you remove any crusted material. Avoid using harsh chemicals.

2. Changing Dressings:

If there is a dressing covering the gastrostomy site, change it according to the healthcare provider's instructions. Use sterile gauze pads and medical tape if dressing changes are required.

3. Tube Position:

Check the tube's position regularly to ensure it hasn't migrated. If there are any signs of displacement, contact the healthcare provider. Measure the external length of the tube regularly to make sure it remains at the correct length.

4. Flushing the Tube:

Flush the gastrostomy tube with water before and after each feeding and medication administration, per the healthcare provider's recommendations.

5. Feeding:

Follow the prescribed feeding regimen provided by the healthcare team.

Use the appropriate formula or food consistency as recommended.